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Garage Cafe #9


Garage Café is a test-site-with-audience for experimenting, showing research projects, new collaborations, performances and all other types of artistic work.

Milica Jovicevic presented at the Garage Cafe #8 (see "News" page on the left). Garage Rotterdam commissioned her to create multiples of artworks for the speakers of Garage Cafe #9. For each edition Garage Cafe commissions a previous speaker to create art works for current edition as thank you's and as a way to connect the speakers across editions!

Milica presented multiples of "Glazed Cookies". An imitation of a individually wrapped exclusive cookie, that incorporates Milica's signature addition of a human body party - the nipple. A reference to todays societal oral dependency on consumption, all which stems from the first moment we consume from the mothers breast. This pastry takes upon a dual role, playing not just as an edible, but also as a magnet. Suggesting it be a daily reminder of our instinctual needs to eat, everytime we face the fridge. 

Garage Café is an artist run initiative started by Sue van Geijn in collaboration with Garage Rotterdam, Willem de Kooning Academy and supported by CBK Rotterdam. Currently led by Nicole Sciarone in collaboration with Garage Rotterdam, and kindly supported by the City of Rotterdam, department of Culture (dKC). Collaboratively working on creating more stages in Rotterdam for anybody with an interesting story.

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