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Living Pool


Living Pool is a pool of Rotterdam artists, designers, and performers. A living pool that repurposed the former and abandoned Beatrix swimming pool, turning it into a welcoming interior of furniture design, sculpture, painting, performance art, and live music. A pool that was used publicly to swim in, became a pool for visitors to swim in art.

Artists: Milica Jovićević Vladimir Radujkov Pim Top Daleen Bloemers Roland Spitzer Ruud Goedhart Serge Game Marie en Bernard Dansew

Live Music: Windstil (Dieter en Jo)

Performance Art: Zuza Nazaruk and Joana Cavaco

Was made possible thanks to the support of Gemeente Rotterdam, CBK Rotterdam, Kunstroute Kralingen-Crooswijk, Sportfondsen Oostelijke Zwembad, Old North Interiors for the furniture.

Living Pool is organized and curated by: Vladimir Radujkov Milica Jovićević

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