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The Garden Project


The Garden Project is a collection of Rotterdam artists, designers, and performers. It is a garden that transforms the location, De Achtertuin, into a space of artistic happening. The artworks will become entities that coexist in almost ecological and aesthetic balance. 

A garden is a cherished place where friends and family gather to celebrate nature and life. In The Garden Project displays artworks selected on the emotional value that transcends what a garden emits. 

Group sho including works by:
Ruud Goedhart , Douwe Halbertsma , Jeannette Ephraim, Jochem Rotteveel, Milica Jovićević , Vladimir Radujkov, Iris Woutera de Jong, Eva Krause, Wandschappen, Duotuin 


Opening included live music by Nindyo Hapsari and spoken word by M.

Gemeente Rotterdam 
CBK Rotterdam 

De Achtertuin 
Giraffe Koffie 

The Garden Project is organized and curated by: 
Vladimir Radujkov & Milica Jovićević

Photo Credits to Jan Arsenović

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